February – sweating our heads off!

Since Christmas I’ve been lost in a Deep Dark Writing Void (otherwise known as school holidays).  I’ve often heard other authors say that writing is like a muscle and you have to exercise it regularly to avoid it getting flabby.  And you know what?  It’s totally true.  For the last few weeks I’ve been jotting down scenes, notes and things that occur to me with my current work-in-progress, frustrated I can’t get right into the story.  So now school’s back, I’m determined to throw myself into it and work towards my new goal of writing more, procrastinating less.

The weather around my way has been unbearable the last few weeks – 44C (or over 110F if you prefer) and I’m praying the air conditioning holds up until the end of March when it usually (but not always) starts getting cooler. 

For Australia Day (26th January) we were holidaying at The Entrance, a gorgeous beach-side community with fabulous hotels and restaurants.  Here’s a photo of Quay West,  the resort we stayed in.  And wouldn’t you know, during our five days there, I got a great idea for a new story <g>.  I’m thinking lovers reunited: a heroine desperate to have a baby and a workaholic hero who needs a life change. Hmmm… I’ll have to let it percolate a bit more!

qwrms_poolIf you’ve been visiting the Desirabelles, you’ll know that I’ve got a new love in my life – a brand-new white iMac Book  <g>.  I absolutely love it and no wonder – it’s fast, cute and totally portable.

Only a scant few days until the Australian Romance Readers Convention down in Melbourne.  I always look forward to these gatherings: meeting old friends, making new ones and talking about my favorite topic – books!   And lucky us, we’ve got some big names in the publishing industry appearing: Sherrilyn Kenyon/Kinley MacGregor, Liz Maverick, Stephanie Laurens, Mary-Janice Davidson, as well as reader favorites Anna Campbell, Annie West, Sara Bennett and heaps more.  I hope to see you there!


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