Aussie Romance Readers Convention ’09

whew!! Just as I was packing to leave for Melbourne and Australia’s very first ARRC, the copyedits for my  third book, The Magnate’s Baby Promise, arrived on my doorstep.  Of course, they were dutifully packed and I got a bit of reading done (but not much – my roomie Sandra and I have a tendency to… well… talk a bit.  And laugh.  A lot.)  Now I’m home from a most excellent weekend and back in the swing of things.  I’ve posted a summary of the ARRC  at the Desirabelles blog, but I’ve downloaded p2210018some happy snaps here for you to enjoy.

Me and Anna Campbell (who’s wearing my top from Macy’s!!!  Of course, I can’t wear mine when Anna does, so it’s only seen the light twice since I bought it).

p2210023Me and newest M&B Medical author Sharon Archer.  When she sat to talk to me at the booksigning, people thought she was Samhain author Jess Dee because Jess’ books were on the table in front of her.  So naturally, conversation morphed into just what kind of medical procedure the hero is giving the heroine on Jess’ sexy cover… and then we just had to take a photo 😀

p3300001The panel for “Aussie Voice – why the whole world loves our accent.”  L-R:  Melanie Milburne (Harlequin M&B Presents and Medicals), Michelle Douglas (Harlequin M&B Sweet), Dorchester author and scriptwriter Jane Tara; Avalon author Elisabeth Rose and me.







Above left: The gorgeous Jane Tara (L) and my travelling buddy and fabbo crit group gal, Jenny Brassel (R).  Above right: me and Annie West at Saturday’s book signing.

p2210006The hilarious author panel from “This one time… at band camp”, which was basically anecdotes and quips about how their stories came to be.  The audience were in stitches the whole time, from Amy’s “hair mousse up the bum” (a patients’ not hers!) to Liz’s party for a visiting fruit fly while she was working in the Antarctica.   (L-R): Liz Maverick, Amy Andrews, Mary-Janice Davidson and Susan Grant (Bek from the ARRC committee is at the back).

p2210020Denise Rossetti (left) snapping me snapping her.

p2210011The queue for Sherrilyn Kenyon’s book signing (right), with my roomie Sandra taking centre stage.

So a great time was had by all (despite breaking my favorite pair of shoes), our overseas guests were revered as Gods (as they should be!) and I struggled back home with an overstuffed suitcase that was busting at the seams.  Roll on, ARRC 2011!


3 comments on “Aussie Romance Readers Convention ’09

  1. Paula

    I too had a blast loved the pics and it was so nice to meet you I am just about to start reading your book looking forward to it.

    Have Fun
    Helen S

  2. hey, Helen! I can’t believe we’ll have to wait until 2011 for the next one! Thanks for picking up Holly and Jake’s story – hope you like it 🙂

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