Forgotten Marriage in the UK

forgotten-marriage-uk-duoHow cool is having a book released in your home country!  Well, not really home, seeing as I’ve been living in Australia for the last, oh, 38 years and am a proud Aussie citizen.  But it still gives me a warm thrill to know my first will be out in June, in the country of my birth  🙂  Even though the cover isn’t mine or Day’s original, it’s still pretty gorgeous!


I’ve been chosen!!

Am excited to hear that Romance Writers of Australia have accepted my tutorial proposal for our national conference in Brisbane (14-16 August). Titled “Get Organised, Get Writing!” it’s all about helping the disorganised writer to focus on their writing rather than waste time with the small stuff.  We’ll talk about my favorite topics – filing systems, folders and planning diaries – and how to make your computer work for you (not the other way around!) to schedule writing time and your story plan.  And of course, there’ll be practical techy stuff such as how to use the writer’s best friend, Document Map (plus computer widgets) to maximum effect. Heaps of fun.  I can’t wait!