May 09 update

P4240049P4200038Well, I’m back from Hervey Bay, school’s in and so there’s not much to report, except I’m busily writing, writing.  Oh, if you could call missing our outbound flight newsworthy 😦  We had to stay overnight in Sydney and as luck would have it, we caught the fabbo Star Wars exhibition at The Powerhouse Museum.  Here’s a few shots of our eventful week.

I stumbled across an interesting piece about Harlequin’s 60th Anniversary on YouTube.  If you can overlook some of the cheesy recitals, the rest is very well done.  Cheers to the reporter who was upbeat the whole time.  And Paul Rudd is simply a scream!

baby promiseboardrooms swedishI got my cover for my August release, The Magnate’s Baby Promise.  Gorgeous!!!  And what should also lob into my mailbox this week but four new translations for Boardrooms & A Billionaire Heir.  The ‘new’ titles always fascinate me – Prosperity and Power (Finnish), A Brilliant Proposal (Norwegian), Lust For a Brilliant (Swedish) and, my favorite, Hot Dreams (Danish).  Here’s the cover for all four.


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