Rubies galore!

Excitement plus here as the announcement for Romance Writers of Australia’s R*BY is now online.  What’s the Ruby?  It’s Australia’s romance writing award for Aussie and New Zealand authors, similar to America’s RITA, but judged solely by readers, not writers.   Some would say the Oscars of Australian romantic fiction 😀

snoopSo my point?  My second book, Boardrooms & A Billionaire Heir, is a finalist in the Short Sexy category!  Here’s Snoopy doing a good impression of me when I found out…

This book was the one that got cut by about 30 pages, so I’m absolutely chuffed readers voted it as one of the best.  It was also my learning curve book, one I stressed about writing because I had to write to an actual deadline.  And I had the best Senior Editor in the world, too, Melissa Jeglinski (who is now with The Knight Agency and as luck would have it, on her way to our conference so I can thank her in person!).  Winners will be announced at our special awards dinner on 16th August).

I must admit, it’s a bit of a giggle to be in a ‘short ‘n sexy’ category… altitude-challenged as I am 😉    Congratulations to my fellow finalists, Trish Morey, Miranda Lee and Carol Marinelli, plus my writing buddies and friends in three other categories.  Here’s the full list:

Claire Baxter – The Single Dad’s Patchwork Family (Harlequin M&B Sweet)
Melissa James – A Mother in a Million (Harlequin M&B Sweet)
Marion Lennox – His Island Bride (Harlequin M&B Sweet)
Fiona McArthur – The Midwife’s Baby (Harlequin M&B Medical)

Miranda Lee – The Millionaire’s Inexperienced Love Slave (Harlequin M&B Sexy)
Carol Marinelli – Expecting His Love Child (Harlequin M&B Sexy)
Trish Morey – The Italian Boss’s Mistress of Revenge (Harlequin M&B Sexy)
Paula Roe – Boardrooms and a Billionaire Heir (Harlequin M&B Desire)

Karina Bliss – Second Chance Family (Harlequin M&B SuperRomance)
Anna Campbell – Untouched (Avon Books)
Anne Gracie – The Stolen Princess (Berkley Books)
Elizabeth Rolls – A Compromised Lady (Harlequin M&B Historical)

Maggie Alderson – How to Break Your Own Heart (Penguin)
Bronwyn Parry – As Darkness Falls (Hachette)
Suzanne Perazzini – Beneath The Surface (Wild Child Publishing)
Suzanne Perazzini – Crash into Darkness (Wild Child Publishing)


6 comments on “Rubies galore!

  1. Congratulations to all the nominated authors!

    I’m looking forward to hearing the results of the competition!

    Pat Cochran

  2. thanks, everyone! To think that just three short years ago I was still hanging out to get published. It’s gearing up to be a fabbo journey 😀 And I’m so thrilled the Diamond gals get their time in the spotlight, too!

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