Books, books, and more books

Reader and writers have a thing for books.  Yep – the feel, the smell, the way they look all lined up on their bookshelf.

I adore books – always have.  And as most authors will tell you, we were readers before we were writers.  But my shelves doth overflow and increasingly, I’ve forgotten which books I do have and end up buying the same ones (especially when they reissue and slap a new cover on them!)  Which was why, a while back now, I took up friend Denise Rossetti‘s recommendation to get onto GoodReads.

It’s kinda like a virtual bookself.  But more than that, you can post reviews, friend people and exchange comments about my favorite topic – books.  I’ve recently become a GoodReads librarian (ah, ha!  One more childhood dream come to fruition!)  and I can add new books, cover art, details about a book, etc.  And best of all, it keeps my list of to-be-reads in order!  Go on over and check it out.  And while you’re there, send me a friend notification!


Well, it came… and went

P6050009Down here in the Southern Hemisphere, it was my birthday. My 40th, to be precise. Now, when you get on in years, there’s not a lot you can provide for the never-gets-old question, “what do ya want for ya birthday?” I had suggested a pair of slippers (check), but above that, I was stumped. So I was VERY thrilled to unwrap a gorgeous yellow leather handbag, courtesy of my parents and their recent trip to Canada.

Now before you go, “yellow??!!” it’s actually kinda nice. Sunny yellow, actually. It’s got heaps of pockets and zips and better still, doesn’t have a flap-over (which I can’t stand – just like to dig right on in there). Last trip o/s my mum bought me a sky-blue suede bag with rhinestones and brown leather. It’s gorgeous. Apparently my dad said something like, “a bag? Doesn’t she already have one?” To which my mum replied, ” It’s Paula.” And  really, that says it all.

P6050010I also got a beautiful commemorative silver dollar coin, engraved with my birthdate and message – the photo here doesn’t really do it justice, believe me.

And so the day went. Suddenly, with tantrums, tears and dramas associated with a Gemini (me) and a hyperactive 8yo (son) who’s been quarantined from school for the last week on account of grandparents returning from Canada, swine flu outbreak country. Convincing an 8yo he still has to do school work when you’re at home with a computer and other assorted distractions… arghh!!!!

Anyway, peace has been restored. It’s night, he’s asleep and my brother and nephew/nieces are visiting tomorrow. Lamb roast, here we come!

want jewelry!

fearlessness_bgI’ve been increasingly intrigued by the simple, gorgeous necklace Mariska Hagitay wears as Olivia Benson in Law & Order: SVU. So I googled “Mariska Hagitay necklace Olivia Benson Law and Order” and I ended up at Giving Tree Jewelry. I seriously LOOOOVE this site! Oh, and I found the necklace – it’s called “Fearlessness”, which I kinda need sometimes.  Check it out.