my travels to Canberra

My son and I just got back from a weekend at our nation’s capital, Canberra. I love Canberra, from its cool temperatures, to its large, sprawling laid-out-ness, to its barely-there traffic problem.

When we’re there, our regular scheduled program includes Questacon, a science and technology centre designed for kids, National Zoo and Aquarium,  (where I ran into fellow writer Valerie Parv – completely by chance!) Cockington Green (miniature buildings and settings amidst gorgeous English gardens) and the walk-in aviary, where you can hand-feed the local bird life.

And on this trip, I met up with an old school friend I hadn’t seen in 16 years. It was great to spend a few hours catching up, meeting her gorgeous toddlers and lovely hubby and to lament “when we were at school <insert perceived problem that really wasn’t here>”.

On the drive back home, we stopped off at a tiny country town called Collector (check out the photos below- my first go at inserting a Photo Gallery :grin:).

I’d always driven past the turnoff, intrigued by a town with only 150 people. So this time, I detoured. Man, talk about blink-and-you’d- miss-it! It consisted of one information centre and coffee shop, a few houses set back off the road, a school (that I didn’t see), and further round the bend, a pub and a weirdly creepy art-tree-carving-thing that freaked my son out.   Apparently, Collector’s claim to fame is that Constable Samuel Nelson was shot by Johnny Dunn, one of Ben Hall’s henchmen. (Ben Hall was an outlaw, in case you were wondering).

All in all, a nice visit to while away the last few days of school holidays.  And now, back to work!


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