why I love eBay

I love shopping.  I love the luxurious indulgence of strolling about the stores, picking up things, smelling stuff, feeling fabric and finding a gorgeous new colour.  But I have to be in the mood to try stuff on – and a few times I’ve been disappointed by a size or cut, or colour (I love yellow but it holds a violent hatred for my skin tone).


you shall be mine... one day...

And I love shopping on line, from the comfort of my bed, at 10pm.   Stuff I can’t buy in the stores – the PC-ROM game of Lego Star Wars.  Lilo & Stitch mini figures.  The red sweater from my vintage Snoopy doll that mysteriously vanished in a house move years ago.  My favorite shade of Revlon’s discontinued Lip Glide lipgloss (it’s Sheerly Bare).

Paula small

It's only the bodice but believe me, the gown is fully gorgeous!

Yes, there’s a lot of crap there, and I’ve been the victim of some of it.  But mostly, it’s a genuine pleasure.  Like the white platform sneakers emblazoned with a glittery USA flag, or the Murano glass ring with a stunning blue flower decoration.  And my iPod Touch, which I got $100 cheaper than the store-bought ones (which I use to read ebooks I buy online!).  I even bought a ballgown, which I wore to my first Harlequin authors Valentines Day ball in 2007.  Only $66!

And of course you can sell stuff, although the thrill doesn’t translate quite so much 😀  For me it’s the buying.  Right now I’ve got my eye on the first three Harry Potter PC-ROM games, a pair of white platform heels (for next years’ conference) and a leather powder-blue wallet.   Way cheaper than the shops.  And faster too.


5 comments on “why I love eBay

  1. I’ve never bought on eBay – but I do get a thrill out of selling. I haven’t sold for about 2 months. I hate the process of listing. But from then on it is fun. And the best part is that somebody out there almost always wants the stuff that I don’t want any more. It’s not the money, so much as the thought that somebody wants it enough to pay for it.

  2. I’ve never sold anything on eBay…..maybe when my book collection gets too big for my ‘library room’.

    I did just buy 34 books on eBay for only $45 including postage! Cheaper than the overdue fines I normally have to pay at the library!

    And that’s why I love eBay!

  3. Hi dressingmyself! I’m totally amazed the stuff people buy – and sell 😀 But I’ve been burned by pirates (a DVD which was a direct copy from the Disney channel!) and I know a LOT of my fellow authors have reported some illegal ebook sellers on eBay.

    Hi Tales! I got some of Jane Porter’s Presents backlist on eBay but not sure if I want to sell mine… it’d be a pain listing them all and then I wouldn’t be sure they’d sell! I’ve been comparing some prices to see if any of my old books are worth anything (I have Nora Roberts’ “Search for Tomorrow” that I’ve seen for about $45!)

  4. You’ll have to forgive me – I’m still living in the dark ages – ebooks? What are they?

    Some out of print books are going for great prices…..I have a few that’d probably fetch $40+ but then I think what’d it be worth if I wait another 5 years!!

    Listing them all would probably be a pain – I imagine you would have a few – but maybe selling them in a bulk lot?

  5. ebooks are brilliant! Instead of taking up your shelf space with pages and a cover, they’re a downloadable file on your computer. You can buy dedicated readers for them (Sony eReader, Amazon Kindle) – I’ve got a beBook, but I do love my iPod Touch more. I’ve heard with the Kindle you don’t even have to plug the device into your computer to buy books, it’s all wireless. I’ve bought and read over 200 ebooks, so imagine the space that would take up on my shelves 😀 But I do sometimes crave the tactile experience of a ‘traditional’ book…

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