Finished my 4th book!

youarelostMany a time when I’m writing a book I feel a bit like this cartoon, so out of necessity I’ve planned every book since the first one.  I have whiteboards, pin boards, Blu-tak for those snippets I managed to jot down, Document Map, art boards.   And after you pass that “this sucks!  I HATE IT!” moment and finally finish the thing, it’s a wonderful feeling, attaching that email to my editor then sending it off into cyberspace 😀

This one is part of the Outback Billionaires and Babies miniseries.  Two of my fellow Down Under Desirabelles, Maxine Sullivan and Robyn Grady are paving the way in April and May, and mine will be out in June.  I called it “Baby Bombshell” and my Senior Editor seemed to like it, so fingers crossed it appears somewhere in the title.   I’m also hoping there’s gorgeous Ayers Rock as part of the cover because there’s a very significant lovescene in the book where my hero literally sweeps my heroine off her feet (and onto the table… you get the picture :shock:)

chic top

Vanilla Fountain bath bomb

Vanilla Fountain bath bomb

I do celebrate finishing-the-damn-book and today, the first day of school holidays, I went to our local shopping center and went a bit wild (shhh, don’t tell Visa – I already owe more than what I have in my savings!)  At the very-aptly-named Lush, my absolute favorite store in Australia, I bought Vanilla Fountain bath bomb, Blue Skies bath frothy, Vanilla Dee-Lite body lotion and a yummy shower fizzy called Up the Wooden Hill.

Then I went into City Chic and bought a snazzy glitzy top (no, that’s not me there… but she is gorgeous!), plus a hoodie (love hoodies!) for the warmer weather coming up.  Normally I buy a bag but have been bag-satiated for the last few months on account of my birthday handbag.

So I was thinking as I cursed, wrote, smiled, wrote, cried, wrote then cursed some more, that even though I hate pressure, pressure is what gets me writing every time.   I write during school hours – 9.30am until 2.30pm, five days a week.  I don’t write on weekends and I can’t write during school holidays.  But I had a good six months to write this book, but events conspired to steal my time.  Like being quarantined from school for swine flu (no we didn’t have it, but my folks came back from Canada, so…)   Then we both got the flu for real.  Another two weeks.  Then my boy got chicken pox – another two weeks.  Then he had a spate of colds and muscle injuries (the latter of which I suspect were more of a con to get out of school than anything major).  So those six months dwindled down to something considerably shorter.   Which includes the time I spent “piss-balling about” (my dad’s phrase which I believe has ancient English origins :wink:).  But it was also a productive piss-ball, because I made it into Stella Cameron’s Scarlett Boa contest with an erotic paranormal I’ve been tinkering with oh, this past year or so.  Mucho Snoopy dancing here!  You can read my entry  here and vote for it here.

Okay, so after all that drama and stuff, I had an interesting revelation.  Maybe I can write one book every school term – four a year?

Or am I now jinxing myself by saying it out loud?  Other authors do it… but then they don’t have a boy who’s an extremely convincing actor.