Time’s a wastin’ (but I’m getting an education!)

Just spent the last 5 days reading various blogs and websites that are covering the Harlequin Horizons furor.  Okay, I’m not going to get into my personal opinion of this, but if you feel the desire to spend a few hundred hours on the internet  to further your knowledge of publishing, vanity presses, self-publishing and human nature when confronted by personal and professional insults (e.g. the “car crash but can’t look away!” stoush involving Ms Nora Roberts) then here’s a few sites covering it:

You can also read the statements by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America and Novels Inc.

And now, enough rubber necking.  Back to my edits.


Sojourn to Surfers


the pristine Broadbeach sand

For many of you Aussie natives, Queensland’s Gold Coast is a popular summer holiday destination.  As a kid, I remember taking the 1 hour flight nearly every year – we even celebrated Christmas there once, at the wonderfully retro Pink Poodle motel 🙂

With Seaworld and Movieworld, pristine beaches and glorious summer weather in mid-October, it truly is the perfect budget getaway.  So off me and my boy went, spending 6 days at Broadbeach, just south of Surfers Paradise.  We shopped at Pacific Fair, we built sandcastles (well, I built a sand-mermaid that garnered attention and photos from visiting Japanese tourists!) and of course, we frequented the theme parks.  Mister 9yo won a massive plush Nemo in the first five minutes at Dreamworld, we flew in a helicopter at Seaworld and we mucked about on the rides and water attractions at Movieworld.

PA170050 small

the residents at Seaworld

We also got a tour of the Broadbeach police station because, well, we’d never been in one before.  Constable Nick was lovely, showing us the office, the place where they hold the bad guys and out the back where they have the paddy wagons and the cool beach buggy patrol car thingys (which you need a special licence for, apparently).  Here’s some happy snaps for you all to enjoy.

I also did some heavy thinking about my next book, which will be – yes! – Zac’s story.  I alluded to this runaway black sheep of the powerful Prescott family in The Magnate’s Baby Promise and after some very pleasant research of the Gold Coast and Currumbin, I’m excited to be getting his story out of my head and down on paper.  It will be an office/secret mistress romance, with lots of juicy conflict and emotional baggage for him and Emily 😀  Cal and Ava will make an appearance too, and finally get their gorgeous wedding in Jindalee.