Australian Romance Readers Awards – I’m a finalist!

I’m thrilled and delighted to learn that I am a finalist in the ARRA Awards!  I must admit I knew a teeny bit before the official announcement, on account of me being their web designer and all 😀

The Magnate’s Baby Promise is nominated for Favourite Short Category Romance, and I’m up against some truly wonderful books, which include friends Annie West, Kelly Hunter, CC Coburn, Bron Jameson and Melanie Milburne.  And I’m also on the shortlist for “Favourite Australian Romance Writer of 2009” 😆  You can check out the full list of nominations here.


10 comments on “Australian Romance Readers Awards – I’m a finalist!

  1. Woot! Yay Paula, what an awesome (and formidable) list to find yourself in. Best of luck with the nomination. Fingers crossed for you.

  2. Great to see you in the finals of ARRA, your stories are great and I know you put the effort in to achieve the results.

  3. *standing ovation*

    Congratulations, Ms Roe! I just read about it over at Bronwyn Parry’s blog. Great nominations, all of them. It’s going to be a heated race, methinks!

  4. thanks, everyone! I’m in the middle of trying to find a lost USB (which contains ALL my work on it, plus a heap of research pictures I can’t even recall where I found them) so the news is very welcome.

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