USB drive, I hate you

last show watched: The Good Wife
on the iPod: Midnight Blue by Lou Gramm

I bought you years ago, excited by your compactness and memory capacity.  You were black, with a little flip button, which was a glorious change to all my other clunky drives.  And yes, I admit you initially served me well, saving all those high res. photos and clearing space on my ornery hard drive.  You saw me through two PCs, giving me a little buzz when you saved with no problems, no Blue Screen of Death and no inexplicable power outs.  I began to put my faith in you, little did I know you’d commit the worst betrayal of all.

And now you’ve gone.  Where, I do not know.  You took my trust and ground it into the dirt without so much as a clue.  Sometimes I hope you’re in a far, far better place, where you get to defrag to your heart’s content and gambol with other like-minded USB drives.  But then I recall how you stole ALL my works-in-progress documents and photos, leaving me with a scummy three-month old backup on the detachable hard drive, with nothing but twin alternating fires of fury and helplessness burning in my belly.  So now I pray you fell into the garbage bin and were crushed into oblivion.

I cannot forgive you.


10 comments on “USB drive, I hate you

  1. Yikes, Paula! I’m feeling your pain from here. De-frag to your hearts content, LOL!
    Hey you’re gonna feel bad when you find USB in the bottom of the laundry basket. That’s going to cost you a steak dinner and some serious making up.

  2. Ah, but my fickle heart has moved on – now infatuated with Dropbox. He not only simultaneously backs up between my PC and Mac, but saves a copy on my hard drive. Reliability with little presents… 😉

  3. Oh Paula, I feel for you. I back all my WIP by emailing it to one of my email addresses, and to an external hard drive.

    Now I’m off to see what Dropbox is can never have too many backup outlets. Paranoid? Me no never. LOL.


  4. I’ve lost hope, Keziah 😦 My bin sits right next to my desk so it’s probable it fell off and into the garbage. But it did encourage me to use Dropbox – thanks for the recommendation, BTW!

  5. Gosh P! Fancy you losing anything?????? Checked under the bed lately? Maybe it’s with the tub of lipgloss…
    LOL! K x

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