Why do they do these things? Why???

It’s not about RT Book Reviews giving me the mediocre rating of my June book, The Billionaire Baby Bombshell (coming in at a 3).  No, sirree.  RT, you’re gonna have to go a loooong way before you can even make a dint in my critique-proof armor.  I was a contest entering champion.  I laugh in the face of cutting remarks.  No way can anyone come close to Judge CO when she critiqued (and by “critiqued” I mean, “eviscerated and shredded”) my contest entry as an unpublished writer many, many years ago.  (As an aside, that same partial got a full request from Harlequin and eventually came 2nd place in that contest AND included blush-worthy praise from Valerie Parv herself).

No.  I’m talking about the terrible, terrible oversight RT made by REVEALING AN IMPORTANT STORY TWIST in that review that the reader would not discover until… oh, nearly 20 pages to the end of the book.  (No, I’m not going to tell you which twist they blabbed about.. and of course,  now you’ll want to read the review, right?  :sigh:  Okay, go right ahead, I can’t stop you.  But I’ve warned you, so don’t say I didn’t tell you so…)

RT, how would you feel if, never having seen The Sixth Sense, I suddenly blurted out, “Bruce Willis was dead the whole time!” hmmm?  Or, “Darth Vader is Luke’s father!”  Or even “Kevin Spacey is Kaiser Soze!”  Totally wrecked your potential enjoyment of the movie, did it?  Not sporting, is it?  Bit of a downer?  So RT, please stop this nasty habit you have before it becomes a full-blown addiction.  Please.


4 comments on “Why do they do these things? Why???

  1. Oh, Paula, how bloody awful!!! *hug*

    I hate, HATE with a passion when any reviewer does that, but it’s worse given the widespread audience RT has.

  2. Well I’m not going to read their dumb review Paula, I shall wait to find out reading your novel curled up on the lounge with a mug of hot chocolate (low fat of course). Sending you hugs.

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