Loads of win!!!

Well, I’m not entirely sure HOW I pipped all those other wonderful books at the post (I looooved Colorado Christmas!) but The Magnate’s Baby Promise won the Australian Romance Readers Award for Favorite Short Category Romance last night!  I couldn’t be there (mummy duties) so like me, you can check out the list of winners on ARRA’s website, and read all about the night on ARRA’s blog.  And while you’re there, comment on my post and you could win a book 🙂

Many heartfelt thanks to everyone at ARRA who organizes and runs the awards.  And a big thank you to those who nominated – and took the time to vote on – Cal and Ava’s story.  This author really appreciates it!


12 comments on “Loads of win!!!

  1. Congrats, Paula! Sorry to hear you couldn’t be there in person to receive the award. I’m sure it’ll look luv-er-ly on your desk when you receive it!

    🙂 Mon

  2. Hi Paula!

    I’ve just discovered your website 🙂 I wanted to thank you for your article on document maps, it’s transformed the way I write and the statue of you is going up on my front lawn tomorrow morning 😉

    Congrats on the ARRA! I hope you have some bubbly!

  3. Thanks for the feedback on that DM article, Lacey! Make sure you dress my statue in something sparkly and blue 🙂

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