Romance Writers of Australia’s Romantic Book of the Year award

Watching: my son play Lego Star Wars on the computer
Listening to: pew! pew!  pew!  Arrrgghhh!
Reading: the Weekend Australian (running behind on my news)

So I finally kicked the current ms from the nest and it’s now being inspected for fleas by my lovely editor, Charles.  It’ll return in about a month so I can do its laundry, cut its hair and dress it appropriately, then out into the wild it goes in March 2011.  Yippee!

While I was toiling away, the shortlist for RWA‘s RBY award for best romance of 2009 came through.  I am just SO thrilled to see some wonderful books make the final cut, and triple-y thrilled my fabbo writing gals get to shine in some well-deserved limelight.  The nominations are:

Short Sweet Category

Short Sexy Category

Romantic Elements Category

Long Romance Category


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