international covers

I’ve been receiving a steady flow of international translations in my post box.  It’s wonderful to see those covers and the (sometimes odd) titles in other languages 🙂  I think my favorite has to be the French version of The Magnate’s Baby Promise (translated to “The Promise of an Evening”)…  so elegant, so romantic – ooh la la!

I also love the revamped UK covers.  It doesn’t show here but they have that wonderfully smooth matt-finish cover.  Oh, okay, you CAN see for yourself – I’ll give away a copy!  Post a comment and I’ll pick a random winner.


10 comments on “international covers

  1. Ooo I love the French version too. It’s very different plus I always get a thrill out of seeing a bit of Australia on a cover! Congrats Paula! Now where to put them all?

  2. Hey Paula, I am absolutely loving the new UK covers… they are just so damn classy!! And that French cover looks exquisite – everything sounds sophisticated when said in French 🙂

  3. Paula, “The Promise of an Evening” is a fantastic title!! It’s romantic, hints at what might come… and the line name in French is “Passions”. Such a different connotation than Desire (and so much more French, lol). It always takes me a while to adjust to new covers, but I love the pose the couple have on the UK cover. Her head turned into him while he places the necklace around her neck – intimate and a touch seductive.

  4. Oh the French cover looks so pretty! It must be a pretty big deal to see a book you’ve written published but then to see them in a foreign language too? Awesome. Congratulations!

  5. Hi Paula

    Those covers look so sophisticated and the French always have a way with romantic words…. congratulations on the books Paula

  6. Tres bon, Paula. Les livres sont parfait! The books are perfect. How exciting to know you’re published in other languages and getting the love out there to more and more people.

  7. It’s so interesting to see the different ways that the titles get translated,, and also to see the different cover pictures that they choose. I like the French one,, with the emphasis on the pregnant belly!!

  8. Paula

    They really are beautiful aren’t they it must be great getting all these in the mail and drooling over them

    Have Fun

  9. Hi Everyone! Thanks for all the comments – it’s very exciting when a new book arrives 🙂

    Glennie – sometimes the foreign titles suit the story better! 😆 And I’ve got one other French cover and it’s gorgeous too. Must be that innate style… 😉

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