Christmas is looming…

last year's effort - The Death Star

Reading: Dead in The Family by Charlaine Harris
Listening To: Lift by Sister Hazel
Watching: Bones Series 5

So it’s getting hotter, the cats have been shedding and there’s a sense of impatience, irritation and/or short tempers  in the air.  This all means Christmas in my house.

You know what else means Christmas?

  • The smell of plastic, wrapping paper and sticky tape 😀  Yep, like a Pavlovian reaction, as soon as I get a whiff of plastic, I automatically think of Christmas.
  • Baking fruit mince pies (my mom’s are the BEST!) and roast turkey.  I looooove turkey!!! And prawns.  And trifle.
  • Lunch.   Christmas at our house means a smorgasbord spread, full of cold cuts, cheese, crackers, prawns and assorted salad.   I’ve found that as you get older, when the joy of opening presents becomes less important,  food takes priority.
  • An early, early morning.  Thank you, 10yo child of mine 😉
  • Lamenting the fact I have no air conditioner in my bedroom.  THIS YEAR (royalties willing) I am going to buy one.
  • Lego.  I love Lego.  My son loves Lego.  My 15yo nephew loves Lego.  I’d probably build Lego even without the excuse of a Lego-obsessed child.
  • The line.  And we say it without fail, every year, barely an hour after every present’s been opened.  There’s a bag of rubbish on the floor, boxes have been ripped apart, toys are strewn and the tree is looking bare underneath.  We all look at each other and say the line:  “Huh.  Well, that’s it for another year.”

uh... don't think you'll fit, Sophy.

And of course, after Christmas comes the sales.  The crazy, crazy sales that means filling up that brief bare wardrobe space with NEXT years’ presents.  Like Mother Nature, my wardrobe abhors a vacuum.  Dammit.


5 comments on “Christmas is looming…

  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Paula.

    All the best for 2011 and happy and successful writing.


  2. I had SUCH a laugh when I saw Sophy in the box. Cats at Christmas time are like kids, aren’t they? Just wanting to get into everything, especially amidst the chaos of torn wrapping paper and upended boxes.

    I can remember cleaning up one year and as I walked by what I thought was an empty box, a furry paw swiped out at me as I went past, scared the living Harry out of me! 😀

    Christmas for me is:
    * setting up the Christmas tree (with 3 cats to help)
    * putting up the countdown number signs I have in my window (the local kids let me know Dec.2nd is I don’t have it up by then – the school bus runs by my house and they love seeing how many sleeps to go)
    * putting up Christmas lights – we have three in our street who do this, really nice (there are only three of us in case you’re wondering – small place)
    * food – like you Paula, it becomes all about the things you don’t usually have until this time of year – ham, turkey, prawns, cherries, mince pies, pud & custard, (drool)…
    * Christmas breakfast with family – usually ham with mustard (hot english or wholegrain), eggs (scrambled or fried), tomato, toast & tea/coffee
    * cherries and mangoes and cherries and peaches and rockmelon and cherries…
    * nanna-nap after Christmas lunch (opening prezzies and eating is SO exhausting)
    * a late arvo/early evening game of cricket in the back yard if I’m with rellos or friends with kids (did a lot of that as a kid and loved it)
    * going to Carols by Candlelight at the park

    Merry Christmas, Paula! Have a good one and build the Millenium Falcon in Lego this year! 🙂

  3. thanks for dropping by, everyone! Kylie, you are *so* making me drool with that food line up 😉 And it isn’t a Christmas without a cat hiding in the wrapping paper or forcing themselves into teeny tiny boxes 😆

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