Valentines talks at Penrith Library

On 14th and 18th February I’ll be giving a talk on “A Day in the Life of a Romance Writer” !

Details are:

Monday, 14th February @ 10.30am
Penrith City Library, 601 High Street, Penrith
Bookings: (02) 4732 7891

Friday, 18th February @ 6.30pm
Penrith City Library, 601 High Street, Penrith
Bookings: (02) 4732 7891

So if you’re in the Sydney area, I’d love to see you.  Come along and say hi, ask questions and talk to fellow lovers of the romance genre!


Promoted to Wife? cover!

At last I can share my gorgeous new cover for my March release!  It’s actually quite amusing, because when I sent it to an author friend, we both agreed that The Twelve Apostles (which are on the back) must’ve gotten sick of the Melbourne weather and hitchhiked up to the Gold Coast.  She also commented: “rugged coastline?  On the Gold Coast?”  But is still a beautiful cover!

My goals for 2011

Reading: MaryJanice Davidson’s Undead series (hail, Queen Betsy!)
Watching: Rex the Runt (hilarious claymation series by Aardman)
Listening to: Creeping in my Soul by Cryoshell

And so, with a new year, come the New Years Goals.  Not resolutions, because they suck and I just don’t like the implications of the word.  Much rather work around ‘goal’.

This time last year I wrote a post about what makes a goal a goal, specifically a SMART goal.  Make it Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.  And as I look back on those goals, I see I didn’t exactly achieve all of them 🙂  Which is okay, because I at least attempted them.  So on that basis, here are mine for 2011 (yes, some are  ’10 rehashes!):


  • I’ll write and submit two books aimed at Desire by the end of the year
  • I’ll finish rom com short story/novella by June
  • I’ll finish first draft of erotic space opera and pitch it at RWA’s August conference


  • I will post to my blog at least every two weeks
  • I’ll design and print postcards for my new book coming out in March/April
  • I’ll work on new promo products for ARRC in March, RWAC in August
  • I’ll revamp my website

Craft Education (developing/strengthening skills)

  • read up/find out more about effective marketing strategies
  • I’ll make a dent in all those unread how-to books on my shelves!


  • I’ll read at least two new-to-me authors
  • I’ll read at least one unread how-to

Outreach (helping others)

  • I will judge at least one RWAust contest
  • I will read for RWAmerica’s RITA contest
  • I’ll be more proactive with offering to read my critique group’s work
  • I’ll refine and finish my “Pain Free Plotting” workshop in preparation for speaking engagements
  • I’ll approach local schools. libraries and community centres to offer writing/educational workshops

It may look like a long list, but really, some of these things I’m either already doing or just about done.  The big challenge is writing those books!

Do you have any specific goals/plans to achieve this year?  I’d love to hear them!