Indecent Obsession!

Reading: Secret Ones by Nicole Murphy
Watching: Terra Nova
Listening to:  Kiss Me by Indecent Obsession

A casual remark on Facebook had me charging down memory lane with one of my favorite topics – 80s bands.

Ahhh, yes. Synthesizers, girly hair, denim, drum machines… shoulder pads!  And one of the first Aussie boy bands ever, Indecent Obsession.  Who, I hear you say?  Signed up in 1987, their first single, Say Goodbye was a massive hit.  It also heralded the move from the full-on Brit retro music we know and love (Spandau Ballet, Duran Duran) to more pop-y, choreographed dance beats:

Here’s another one – Kiss Me (yeah, I really, really WANTED TO, David Dixon – I had a serious crush on you!!) complete with wind machines, girls dressed in denim and bras, a sexy singer peeling his jacket half-off his shoulders and the obligatory dancing-in-the-rain:

And where are these young spunks now?  Wikipedia tells me that after David left the band 😥 he did a bit of stage, acted in Home & Away, and is now a helicopter pilot, married with kids.  Drummer Daryl Sims played with a bunch of alternative Sydney bands and .. wow! penned Bardot’s debut single Poison.  Guitarist Andrew Coyne did something obscure in a play, Richard Hennassey (who replaced David Dixon) appeared on the first series of “Come Dine With Me Australia” and keyboardist Michael Szumowski has worked as a producer for heaps of Aussie bands, including Guy Sabastian and Disco Montego (go, you!)

Not a bad bunch of achievements, I’d say.


3 comments on “Indecent Obsession!

  1. Hey Paula! I saw Richard on ‘Come Dine With Me Oz’ and he’s still pretty cute. LOL. Did you see it? There was this crazy woman – (who was really a lot of fun) who had the total hots for him. He was her ‘Indecent Obsession’! But he took it well, and it made for an entertaining week of shows/dinners.
    Thanks for the walk down memory lane. Good stuff!

  2. eeww, sounds a bit creepy to me – but then, he’s probably used to women throwing themselves all over him 😀

    BTW I hear that David Dixon is alive and well and living in Orange, NSW. hmmm… 😉

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