Goals for 2012

Reading: A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray
Watching: Gremlins 2
Listening to: Domino by Jessie J

So here we are again – goal time!  Let’s check to see what I achieved in 2011, shall we?

  • I’ll write and submit two books aimed at Desire by the end of the year – check! 😀
  • I’ll finish rom com short story/novella by June – nup 😦
  • I’ll finish first draft of erotic space opera and pitch it at RWA’s August conference 😦
  • I will post to my blog at least every two weeks 😦
  • I’ll design and print postcards for my new book coming out in March/April – 😀
  • I’ll work on new promo products for ARRC in March, RWAC in August – 😀
  • I’ll revamp my website – 😀
  • read up/find out more about effective marketing strategies – half a 😦
  • I’ll make a dent in all those unread how-to books on my shelves! – 😀
  • I’ll read at least two new-to-me authors – 😀
  • I’ll read at least one unread how-to – I started five… so 😀 ?
  • I will judge at least one RWAust contest – 😦 (way too busy!)
  • I will read for RWAmerica’s RITA contest – 😀
  • I’ll be more proactive with offering to read my critique group’s work – half a 😀
  • I’ll refine and finish my “Pain Free Plotting” workshop in preparation for speaking engagements – big :grin:!
  • I’ll approach local schools. libraries and community centres to offer writing/educational workshops – another big 😀

So, about half, I’d say.  Interesting to note that most of my self-promotional efforts that required a small time frame were the ones that got done.  (hmm… fickle Gemini brain).

And now on to this year’s goals.  To recap, in 2009 I wrote a post about what makes a goal a goal, specifically a SMART goal.  Make it Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound.


  • Finish my next Desire by February
  • Finish my rom com short story/novella by February
  • Finish first draft of erotic space opera and pitch it at RWA’s August conference
  • Polish my partial rom sus and submit it
  • finalise my web design pricing schedule
  • draft up a business plan


  • Organise my writing group’s blog and post every nine weeks
  • Finalise a Desire group blog and draft up a posting schedule
  • Design and print promo material for my October/November release
  • Work on  new promo products for RWAC in August
  • Revamp my website
  • Write three newsletters

Craft Education (developing/strengthening skills)

  • research marketing strategies
  • finish more of those unread how-to books on my shelves!
  • research indie publishing opportunities

Health/Relaxation/Inner Self

  • Read at least two new-to-me authors
  • Go to the gym at least 5 times a week
  • Check out the local health spas in my area (a girl can dream!)

Outreach (helping others)

  • Write at least two articles for my website
  • Critique writing group’s short stories
  • Read for RWAmerica’s RITA contest

Looks like 2012 will be big for focusing on honing and developing my business skills.  Oh, and if you want help on goal setting and time management, my lovely friend Kitty Bucholtz has a cool online workshop happening in January/February.  I’m seriously tempted to sign up!

So what are your goals for the upcoming year?  Anything you didn’t achieve in 2011 that you are DEFINITELY going to aim for in ’12?  Post a comment, let me know your plans and you could win a cool notepad so you can write down all those goals!


Great start to next year!

Reading: Fivestar by Mardi McConnochie
Watching: Ninjago (Ninja-GO!)
Listening to: The Weekend Whip by The Fold (Ninjago theme song – totally ROCKS!)

Some wonderful things have been happening here in my world.  First, I was asked to join the exciting new Desire six-book continuity series, The Highest Bidder.  Set in the world of the rich and famous, with  a venerable auction house as the backdrop, the series includes scandals, movie stars and lots of secrets.  I’m currently knee-deep in my story, aiming to have it to my editor by end of January (yeah, over Christmas and New Year!)  Mine will be book 4, due out in October 2012 and I’m thrilled to be working with Desire doyens Barbara Dunlop, Charlene Sands and Maureen Child, newcomer Cat Schield and my favorite gorgeous Kiwi, Yvonne Lindsay 🙂

Another fabulous happening for me, this time closer to home.  The Australian Romance Readers Association have asked *me* to be their awards dinner guest speaker!  So very thrilled and humbled and I will definitely try to entertain you all (warning: there will be photos!).  It’s a night where we celebrate the ARRA members’ favourite romance books of 2011 and I’d love to see you all there on the night – 11 February 2012 at Cello’s Restaurant, The Castlereagh Hotel, Sydney.  For more info and bookings, go here. (If you’re an ARRA member, don’t forget to vote for your favourite!)

As part of 2012’s National Year of Reading, I’ll be speaking at Burwood Library (18 February) and Strathfield Library (2 June), talking about writing popular fiction, writing romance, my journey to publication, and giving away an assortment of goodies.  More details on my website when I have them.