Midweek Technique – how do you write?

I thought for this post I’d talk about the actual process of writing a story down and open it up to questions.

I’ve read many, many articles and been in many discussions about how writers get a story out of their heads and put it down on paper.  And the most popular processes are pantser (flying by the seat of your pants, no planning, just writing), plotter (storyboards, GMC charts, etc) and scener (writing scenes, then stringing them together to form the overall story).

No one way is the better way.  Some stories require a bit of pre-planning – for example, I always need to know who my main characters are, what motivates them, what their belief system is and what major changes in their lives make them the way they are.  My story will then be driven by my characters, not me.

For some writers, starting at Chapter One and getting the story down is the best way for them.  If they do too much pre-planning, the magic is lost.

I find that I like a road map.  I like to work out my scenes (even if it’s just a Post-it that says “some action happens here to make the heroine believe x”), otherwise I waste time dithering about, wondering where I’m going. Some scenes come fully formed in my head (I love that!) and I write those down as soon as I can.  So I do a bit of plotting, a bit of pantsing and I am definitely a scener 😀

Have you worked out which process works for you?  Which one/s?

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