Inspirational words for 2013

Welcome to the new year, everyone!  This is the time I normally take stock of what I’ve done the previous year and blog about my goals for the upcoming one.  More on that in a later post: I want to do something a little different and talk about my four words for 2013.

They’re going to be four inspirational words that will be prominent in both in my personal and writing life.  Words that can be as broad as I want to make them, but will ultimately keep me on track to achieve my goals.  So let’s take a look at the first one:

productivityiconThis one is a given, I think.  To me, it means butt-in-chair-hands-on-keyboard and doing work.  And not just writing either – blog posts, emails, website content, anything where there will be a tangible result.  I love Dorothy Parker’s quote, “I hate writing but I love having written”, and I also love to see proof of my efforts i.e. page count.  The key for me is to have the next project on the go at the same time I’m finishing up the last, because if I’m not sure what my next is, I tend to flounder and stuff around and end up shopping at the Book Depository instead of writing 😀 So productivity is my top goal this year.


I think this one will be a biggie for me this year, because I am not naturally patient (I am quite at home with the iPodGen, thanks very much :smile:).  This year my boy starts high school (!) which means lots of changes to his learning and thinking.  Definitely will need patience for that!  Also, with my planned projects, I will need patience when submitting, waiting to hear back, editing, (possible) rejections, etc.  I will need to take time to understand that sometimes things are out of my control, decide which things matter and pursue those, then let the others go.


Another biggie.  I think everyone needs to pursue areas in which you can quieten your mind and find peace, be it a bath, an afternoon shopping without the kids or a writing retreat for one.  Stopping to appreciate what I have, realize there’s some things I just never will have (like a fast metabolism or the willpower to resist books and handbags :grin:) and coming to terms with that is important for optimum productivity.

joyiconLast one – not a P word this time!  I love this word.  I love all the connotations it conveys, like fun, delight, good times, laughter, happiness and optimism.  Sometimes when you’re in deadline hell, everyone wants your attention, work sucks, a family member is ill, you hate your new book cover or you just keep getting rejection after rejection, it’s hard to find joy.  Which means I turn to stuff that makes me happy.  For you it could be walking your dog, an intimate dinner with your loved one, music, surfing the internet or checking out your next story inspiration pictures.  There’s lots of opportunities to experience joy so go ahead and seek them out!

Do you have any inspirational words for the new year?  Want to share them?


6 comments on “Inspirational words for 2013

  1. Great words Paula. I think that you have covered a broad spectrum of needs and emotions. We need to think more about ourselves and what is needed to make us the people/writers we want to be.
    My words would be:
    Application – something that has been lacking in due to circumstances over the past couple of years.
    Faith – in myself and what I know I can achieve.
    Permission – to take the time I need for myself and my writing and not feel guilty about being here for me.
    Fun – to take enjoyment from everything in life. Even tasks that annoy can have a facet of fun to them – think dancing while you dust – travelling to far off places while doing research – walking on the beach when you are down – beating a deadline. It’s what you make of the task that lifts it above being a chore – look for the grains of sand that become the pearls in your life.

  2. Thanks, Kandy!

    Rach – you sure can.

    Keziah – I like those words, especially ‘faith’. I think a lot of writers suffer from a lack of it because the industry can be harsh and very, very subjective.

  3. Natasha – agree! Without application, I think productivity wouldn’t happen. And I’m totally with you on the ‘permission’ bit. Even with deadlines looming, I’ve spent the holidays in a totally different brain space. Still writing, but stuff way different. It’s allowed me to explore other ways of writing stories, different tones and potential audiences. I wrote 7K in two days and am totally psyched! (although now I have to make sure it doesn’t dominate my other writing commitments 😯 )

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