Fan Girl Friday – You Can’t Take the Sky From Me… by MJ Scott

I have several severe TV writer crushes.  Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing), Amy Sherman-Palladino (Gilmore Girls), Steven Moffatt (Coupling, Doctor Who), Richard Curtis (Blackadder, Vicar of Dibley).  Men and women who write stories with wit and romance and a strong dash of humour and heartbreak.

But the king of all my TV writer crushes is Joss Whedon.  I really need to buy that “Joss Whedon is my master now” t-shirt. He really is fangirl squee-worthy and if I ever did have to talk to him I would be a dribbly mess.

BuffyFirstly, he wrote Buffy which had monsters and kickass women and a romance that people still haven’t gotten over (in fact, several romances that people still haven’t gotten over).   The idea of the blonde teen who goes into the dark alley and kicks the monster’s butt instead of getting eaten is my kind of idea. And Angel wasn’t too shabby either, despite the fact it had to get wrapped up too fast. And then, just when I thought I couldn’t love him any more (seriously, once in a writing workshop we were asked to describe who we wanted to be as writers and I said the lovechild of Jenny Crusie and Joss Whedon), he created Firefly.

firefly11A show that on paper seems ridiculous.

A western set in space.

A vast space opera that takes place largely on one tiny ramshackle spaceship on the edge of civilisation.

A protectionist government and man-eating space pirates.

The projection of earth civilisation into space based on the premise that only China and the US survived whatever wars for power might be.  So everyone is bilingual and cross cultural (okay, so actually, having your characters being able to say wickedly filthy things in Chinese to get around the TV censors is sheer brilliance).

mal05But what Joss does brilliantly is write about communities.  By the time I got to the end of the first episode I was invested in the characters and the little family they were building.  A bunch of people finding their place (which is one of my favourite themes in stories).  The loner bad boy captain with the heart he can’t quite cut off (and seriously, what isn’t to love about Nathan Fillion in breeches)?  The warrior woman second in command with the beta-est of beta husbands, the girl genius mechanic and the villainous muscle who isn’t entirely sure why he doesn’t just work out how to steal what they have and leave them in his dust.  The preacher, the doctor and his puzzle of a damaged sister who sets the story into motion.  And the courtesan who has the most respectable job of any of them in that particular culture.

All of them individual and real and with their own agendas.  They fight and they make up and they tease each other and they turn on anyone who threatens them with ferocity.  And despite their better judgement, they stick together and they take on new members of their family who are just going to get them into trouble and they fall in love.

Joss gets community.  He also gets romance though he does have a regrettable habit of putting his couples through hell (he’s not quite on the George RR Martin scale of character death but important people die in Joss’s world).  He writes about fear and strength and love and family. And he does it all while blowing stuff up, pulling off heists and giving his characters some of the best banter going round.

serenityI still want to be him when I grow up.

And I’ll always mourn that there isn’t more Firefly after that one short first season and the movie.  Truly one of the great TV tragedies (why oh why Fox??), considering how much money it’s made in DVD and otherwise.  I watch all of it several times a year and don’t get tired of it. Because in my heart, Serenity is still flying and Captain Mal and the others are still having adventures.  And I’ll be wearing my browncoat proudly.

What TV shows do you love and why?

IronKinMJ Scott is an unrepentant bookworm. Luckily she grew up in a family that fed her a properly varied diet of books and these days is surrounded by people who are understanding of her story addiction. When not wrestling one of her own stories to the ground, she can generally be found reading someone else’s. Her other distractions include yarn, cat butlering, dark chocolate and fabric. She lives in Melbourne, Australia and you can visit her via her website or follow her on Twitter.


Fan Girl Friday – Maps Ahoy with Louise Reynolds

LReynolds1012_0059Maybe it was the Hundred Acre Wood in Winnie-The-Pooh. Or perhaps the old auto club strip maps my mother thrust at us on the never-ending annual childhood road trips between Sydney and Melbourne. All I know is that I love maps.

There’s an air of expectancy when I open a book and see a map in the front. Either I need to know the lay of the land as in a murder mystery like Minette Walters’ The Ice House. Or it’s an invitation to enter an imaginary place created by an author as in William Faulkner’s Yoknapatawpha County.

English County Map 1614

I started to collect maps in my late twenties when I bought a pair of these original maps of English counties dated 1614. I love their beautiful jewel colours, latin names and fancy lettering. They would once have been part of a large and expensive portfolio belonging to a gentleman’s library. Luckily they’re now mine.

1765 Strip Map

Later I acquired this original Georgian Strip map of 1765 (predecessor of the auto club strip maps of my youth) which came from The Gentleman’s Magazine. Designed to guide the traveller from London to Lands End by the great turnpike roads of the era, this is my favourite map. The delicate pastel coloured strips differentiate the counties giving the map an attractive graphic quality. But it’s the imaginary journey I take alongside that gentleman that makes my heart race. We set off from ‘Hide Park Gate’ and pass through the little villages of ‘Chelsey’ and Hammersmith. And in my imagination I’m not sitting inside, all corseted up. I’m up top beside the driver. The names of large houses and directions like ‘to the moor’, ‘the college’ and ‘to the mill’ make this an intriguing map. What college? And which mill?

To OS Mapssay that HM Government’s Ordnance survey maps of England have given me hours of pleasure probably sounds very dull. But in my 30’s I caught the rambling bug and the romance of English long distance footpaths captured me. I acquired piles of OS maps to trek these paths. Later I used those same maps to identify, if I could, those intriguing mills and colleges from the 1765 map. They’ve also been invaluable for family history, helping to locate family farms and mining leases.

c. Alan Proctor & Dennis Brierley 1982My map fetish extends to collecting quirky handwritten walking guides like A Wiltshire Way. I love to think of some geeky rambler standing in the freezing cold, blowing on frozen fingers to warm them enough to draw the pictures. I love the little cotton floss trees, the careful script. I love that he has stopped to draw a stile or church and include them on the map in the manner of a medieval monk decorating a manuscript. It’s about time and care. This man is more than a walker. He’s a creator. And I wonder whether that gate, noted as ‘always locked’ in 1982, has ever been unlocked?

Her Italian Aristocrat cover

One of the things most complimented in Her Italian Aristocrat is the portrayal of an Italian hill town setting. Whilst I gripped my wrist and resisted the urge to draw a map, I did see that town so vividly in my mind’s eye. My hero and heroine spend a fair bit of time on the streets of Montefigore and I hope, map or not, that I’ve managed to convey that sense of place.

You can visit Louise on her website, blog or Facebook.  And hey, why don’t you buy her book?  You can get it from iTunes, Amazon, Kobo, Google and Destiny.

Fan Girl Friday – Rottnest Island with Rachael Johns

the lighthouse

the lighthouse

So, when the fabulous Paula asked if I wanted to appear on her new segment FAN GIRL FRIDAY I immediately replied with an enthusiastic “yes”, but then I looked around wildly for something to write about. Over the next few weeks, a few obvious things came up – Diet Coke (almost everyone knows about my love of the stuff), Trolls (I used to collect them in high school and am still rather fond), cats (love them) and KONGA (a crazy exercise thing I do once a week that no one seems to have heard of in other parts of Oz). In the end, I’ve decided to go with ROTTNEST ISLAND – a place I consider one of the best holiday spots on the planet.

one of the many cheeky quokkas on the island

one of the many cheeky quokkas on the island

Rottnest is a small island off the coast of Western Australia, just 19 kilometres from Fremantle (which incidentally happens to be where RWAus’s next conference is happening). I haven’t been to Rottnest nearly as many times as I like but the times I have been there have all left me with fond-memories.

I went there as a child with my Mum and grandparents, had the most awesome ever year seven camp, went back for a day just after I was married and then took my kids there for a week a couple of years back. There are so many awesome things about Rottnest:

  1. The transport on the island (bar a few service vehicles) is solely bicycles. You can bring your own on the ferry or hire a huge variety of different types once you get to the island. With all the walking and riding you do, you can enjoy holiday goodies guilt-free.
  2. my kids playing out the front of the Rottnest Pub one evening
  3. Quokkas – all over the island you’ll find these gorgeous little marsupials called quokkas. My sons were besotted by them, even after one of them got bitten on the finger.
  4. my kids playing out the front of the Rottnest Pub one evening

    my kids playing out the front of the Rottnest Pub one evening

    Food – you can cook for yourself in the chalets or camping grounds, but there are a zillion (well almost) other choices, most of them kid-friendly. There’s a delicious bakery that also sells yummy ice cream and the pub has a fabulous outside area for kids to run around.

  5. Safety – if you ignore the fact a head was recently found there, Rottnest has that awesome safe feeling that makes you feel as if kids can roam the island and not come into harm.
  6. Beaches/Swimming – The Basin area to swim at is one of the most magical swimming spots I have every encountered.Lighthouse – what island would be complete without a lighthouse? Rottnest’s is gorgeous and not too hard to get to by bike or foot.
  7. Family Fun – there’s a fun park with mini golf, trampolines and other stuff, as well as a movie hall that shows family favourites in the busy holiday seasons.

Honestly, whether you’re five or a hundred and five, Rottnest has something to offer for everyone. I’m feeling relaxed and happy just thinking about it now.

But I’m curious… what’s your favourite holiday spot and why?

Man Drought bookpageStandInStar bookpageRachael has two brand-spanking new books out this month: Man Drought (Harlequin Australia and currently only available in Aus/NZ territories) and Stand-In Star (Carina Press).  Visit Rachael via her website, blog, Twitter and Facebook.

Fan Girl Friday – A Great Fashion Find by Amy Andrews

amy andrews Today I’m going to rave about fashion. Yes, those who know me and my ability to travel with only an overnight case to a five day conference anywhere in the world and my one pair of shoes and one handbag per year and my multiple fashion-in-the-field wins (not) may find this kind of surprising 😀

But you know, when you find a good thing then Paula is right – you really do need to rave about it.

The thing is, it’s hard – really freaking hard – to find things that look good and fit well if you can’t just walk into a regular shop and buy a size off the rack. Really, it’s virtually impossible and trust me after hours of trying it’s also downright depressing. So imagine my absolute joy when my sister put me onto this FB page she’d stumbled across!  An online fashion retailer called Missmel.

Now, I’m not an internet shopper. In fact, one could quite fairly say about me that I’m not an early adopter of any kind of technology. Only just got my first iPhone after too long with a daggy decade-old clunker. So I was disheartened initially to find that Missmel was only an online store. What if I got something and it didn’t fit (a regular occurrence when your arse is huge and sizes are so different from one outfit to the next) or looked terrible etc. Then I’d have to return it…. It all seemed too hard.

Me wearing one of Missmel’s dresses (and with pre short do!) at the Sydney Harlequin Escape party in November 2012  with the fabulous Jan Murray.

Me wearing one of Missmel’s dresses (and with pre short do!) at the Sydney Harlequin Escape party in November 2012 with the fabulous Jan Murray.

But then I discovered that Missmel is based in Brisbane and even better just down the road from my chiro who I see most fortnights! So I rang her and asked it if would be possible to actually go to her “shop” and try stuff on.

And this is where this story gets really good because Mel is an utter inspiration! The thing I love about her is that Mel is like me and like lots of women I know – a busy working mother who is not a size 8. There is only one thing worse than being a plus size woman in this body-obsessed world and that is being sold a size 22 in a shop by a teenager wearing a pair of size 6 jeans!

So instantly I felt Mel “got” me. She welcomed me into her home from where she runs her business and in actual fact ended up consoling me when I burst into tears about two minutes later because it was the week leading up to the one year anniversary of my Mum’s death and I was feeling a little wobbly. Way to go me, right? Nothing like being a snivelling mess with a total stranger.

But that’s the thing – she didn’t feel like a stranger.

And then there’s her philosophy – I’m not beautiful like you, I’m beautiful like me. She’s been through her own trials and tribulations but she is an amazing advocate for looking and feeling sexy no matter what size is on your label. The stuff she posts on her FB page about size and body image and loving the person you are is truly inspirational stuff! She’s an advocate for women – all women – and I freaking love that!

Lastly, of course, there are the clothes – hundreds of beautiful reasonably priced garments designed by people who understand bigger bodies and know how to cut fabrics to flatter and enhance the good bits while hiding the not-so-good bits. Not clothes for smaller women just made larger, clothes made with the bigger gal in mind from the get-go! I left there that first day with $500 worth of clothes mainly for the Gold Coast conference (about ten items I think) and every one of them are winners!

But I left with so much more too. I left feeling good about myself. I left feeling empowered.

So if you too are tired of fruitless shopping expeditions that do nothing other than increase your dependence on alcohol then I urge you to discover Missmel. Ring her, talk to her. You won’t be sorry.

BTW – she also stocks an amazing range of clothes for women who don’t have to worry about their labels. Missmel is about all women, no matter their size. Among others, she stocks the Hell Bunny and Betty Paige lines which are gorgeous retro chic and so damn sexy!

the devil and the deepAmy is an award-winning author who has written thirty-one romances for Harlequin Mills and Boon in both the Medical and RIVA/Presents lines. To date she’s sold over a million books and been translated into thirteen different languages. In 2010 she took out the sexy category in the prestigious Romantic Book of the Year Award.

She’s recently launched a couple of separate writing ventures with the release of Sister Pact a contemporary women’s fiction novel that she wrote with her sister Ros Baxter and is published by Harper Collins Australia as well as the very exciting release of her first category romance, Taming the Tycoon, with Entangled Publishing. Both of these novels recently became finalists in the 2012 ARRA romance awards.

In what she euphemistically likes to call her spare time, Amy works part time as a pediatric intensive care nurse and was on the national executive for Romance Writers Of Australia for six years during which time she organised two national conferences and undertook a two year term as president. She’s been married for twenty-two years and has two teenagers. She lives on acreage on the outskirts of Brisbane but secretly wishes it was the hillsides of Tuscany. You can find her on her website, Facebook and Twitter.

brand-new shiny Fan Girl Friday !!!!

Welcome to my brand-new column for 2013!  It’s called Fan Girl Friday and here’s how it works.  Friday is the day I rave about something I love – it can be a song, a book, a movie, a product, a website… anything!  And so no-one gets bored hearing me go on about stuff I love (although there are many, many things I *squeeee* girlishly about!) I’ve invited a bunch of writer friends to guest blog about their fangirl loves too.  So you need to follow the blog and make sure you check in every Friday for a new post.

So, seeing as today is my very first post, I’m taking the wheel and waxing lyrical about my latest favorite TV show and one of its fabulous actors.

four evil Roman emperors

Horrible Histories
My son and I stumbled across this BBC program before Christmas and we are totally addicted to it.  I’m familiar with the books by Terry Deary, which teach kids history with all the yucky bits (like beheadings, plague and poo) kept in.  But the TV series, I think, is way more fun.  It’s a comedy sketch show, featuring actors Jim Howick, Mathew Bayton, Ben Willbond, Martha Howe-Douglas, Simon Farnaby and Laurence Rickard, who play all the characters – from Charles II, Henry VIII, vikings, Elizabeth I, plague victims and more.  I love history, but I can tell you I’ve learned more in these last few months than years at school 😀  And with a score of BAFTAs and Brit Comedy Awards up their sleeves, it’s not hard to tell why.  It’s funny, clever and extremely entertaining, a historical lesson with a modern telling.  Kinda Python-esque, which appeals to adults as well as teaching kids in a fun way, with headings such as Slimy Stuarts, Cut-throat Celts, Terrible Tudors, Vicious Vikings, and Measly Middle Ages.  Their only guideline is they cannot lie about the historical detail.  And thanks to the genius series songwriter Dave Cohen, they also rework popular songs into hilarious versions to suit the characters, like Charles Darwin singing Natural Selection to the tune of David Bowie’s Changes.  Or a bunch of Victorian children with a different take on Food, Glorious Food (reworked as Work, Terrible Work).  Or my two favorites: Dick Turpin with a reworked Adam Ant’s Stand and Deliver and King Charles II’s homage to Eminem’s My Name Is… rap (this one I’ve been singing constantly for the last two weeks :grin:).  I love all the actors, but I’m here to tell you about one in particular – actor and singer, Mat Baynton.

yes, I will do anything you ask, just keep looking at me like that…

Just look at him. :sigh:   No, really, LOOK AT HIM!!!  I could just take him home and stare at his lovely , expressive face for ever… although I suspect he may find that just a tad too creepy disturbing unnerving.  In a HH cast interview, when asked what made the show so successful, fellow castmate Larry Rickard admitted “Matt’s eyes.  They’re minstrel eyes.”  Can I get a hell, yeah?

Another fellow actor Jim Howick has said that Mat is the backbone of their show and it’s not hard to see why when you see him in the show.  And yes, as you can imagine, he has quite a fandom on Twitter, plus a mass of Facebook and Tumblr fan sites.  There’s also a following called ‘baybond’, which is a collection of photos and gifs showing the onscreen bromance between him and fellow HHer Ben Willbond… o.O

Here he is playing the totally dreamy Dick Turpin (I suspect casting him to convince people the violent highwayman was no hero slightly backfired here).  And bonus – all the Horrible Histories songs come as an added extra on the DVDs, so I can watch this over and over… which I have.  I admit my addiction and find no shame in that.

His other roles in the show include a caveman, a French peasant, a camp fashionista, snobby Victorian, a Celtic warrior rapping with Jim Howick in ‘Boast Battle‘.  Here’s a few shots of him:

And because you can never have enough Mat, here’s my bestest song of all time, with King Charles II as the King of Bling (phwoar!).

Apart from Horrible Histories, Mat has also acted in Gavin & Stacey, Ashes to Ashes and Peep Show, plus he features in the new Brit sitcom, Spy (just starting here in Australia), about a single father who inadvertently gets recruited by MI5 (Mat plays best friend Chris). Oh, and he’s also starred in a few music videos – Listening Man by The Bees (I loooove this clip!!)  and Dan by Grovesnor (you can buy the Listening Man vid on iTunes but sadly, not Dan which is quite annoying because he looks so damn fit in that clip!).

King Charles loves a good danceBut wait – there’s more!  Mat’s also a solo artist, under the name of Dog Ears.  If you like your indie music with a melancholy feel to it, you can take a listen here and also download the EP for a bargain £2.50.  I wish I lived in the UK and could actually see him perform live… 😦

So there’s my fan girl moment!  Now, excuse me while I go and watch King Charles sing and dance, because oh, happy day, there could be a Horrrible Histories movie in the future!!!  Party, anyone?

Shiny new book!

moonlit encounters FINAL book pageIt’s here, it’s here!  FINALLY, after months of hard work, I can announce my first foray into novella writing AND indie publishing.  Moonlit Encounters is a collection of eight sweet romantic novellas and is available via our new writing venture, TWC Press. (and yep, that website AND the cover are my designs :grin:)  I am just so damn proud of my fellow authors and so thrilled we get to see this anthology out on the shelves.

My story, Damsel In This Dress, is a fish out of water story, and features Annie Ellis, a Christmas phobic New Yorker who ends up jilted and penniless in the middle of Aussie Yulefest.  Enter Noah Greene, a fancy-dress wearing alpha Aussie hero.  Noah and Annie were so much fun to write and I especially loved the chance to write Annie’s story in her viewpoint.

I’m talking about the book at the Desire blog, plus ARRA have kindly let us have a slot on their Release Day announcement schedule.  Drop by and you could win a copy.  Or you can snap it up for just 99c, which is a total bargain, considering the entire book is over 96K!!

new contract, new books!

Reading: Aftertime by Sophie Littlefield
Watching: Bob The Builder
Listening to: Break The Spell by Daughtry

Hello, gorgeous people! As you may be aware, I’ve been a little scarce with my posts, on account of… well.. lots of stuff – school, writing books and various workshops I’ve been developing.

But huzzah! Good news time! I’ve just signed a two-book contract with Desire, so next year I’ll have one (or possibly two!) new books out 😀 The first, if you follow my hashtag #babyplan on Twitter, is Baby Plan B (working title). If you’ve read Promoted to Wife? you will already have met AJ, (sister to Wife’s heroine, Emily). And my hero? Well, let’s just say he’s an old flame – and AJ’s own personal McDreamy 😀

The second book is yet to be decided, but I’m confident Marco (Luke’s cousin in Bed of Lies) will be the hero.  His perfect match is also his best friend, which should make for some great fireworks!  He has his own hashtag too (#hotMarco)  if you want to follow my progress.

I also have a bunch of other stuff in the works but I think I’ll leave the details out until I have more news 😉

The Highest Bidder continuity covers – part 2

Reading: Skin Hunger by Kathleen Duey
Watching: Doctor Who series 5
Listening to: Heart of Stone by Cher

Finally I can show off the rest of these gorgeous covers!  For part 1 go here.

Paula Roe – A Precious Inheritance (October)

He won the auction…
Vanessa Partridge has a good reason for wanting the manuscript offered at auction – it is her twin babies’ legacy. But she doesn’t count on the winning bidder, financial guru Chase Harrington, showing up on her doorstep.
Now he wants the woman…
Chase has a new obsession – Vanessa. There’s more to the former-socialite-turned-working-single-mom than meets the eye… and he’s going to find it. He’s got secrets of his own – secrets threatened by the sexy Vanessa. More than anything, Chase wants to give in to their sizzling attraction… but can he afford to play with fire?

Cat Schield  – The Rogue’s Fortune (November)

Elizabeth Minerva tries to steer clear of legendary adventurer Roark Black and focus on her career and her attempts at motherhood. But the rakish treasure hunter can help her in her quest to be a single mom, if she’ll do him one tiny favor….

To save his beloved auction house and his own reputation from ruin, Roark needs to settle down fast—with a sensible woman. After a six-month “engagement,” he and Elizabeth can go their separate ways.

But Roark knows priceless objects, and Elizabeth is the real deal. Now he intends to keep her…by any means necessary!

read an excerpt  |  check out Cat’s website

Barbara Dunlop – A Golden Betrayal (December)

Nothing will stop him…
In his Arabian kingdom, Crown Prince Raif Khouri commands, and women do his will…but then he meets headstrong American Ann Richardson. To get back the priceless statue he’s convinced her minions stole, Raif kidnaps her!Held captive by the sexy prince and mired in scandal at her auction house, Ann has her hands full. How can she convince Raif she’s innocent…and convince her traitorous body to resist his sultry kisses?But after one night with the woman his duty will never let him have, it’s Raif who realizes the high price of ransom – his heart!

check out Barbara’s website

The Highest Bidder continuity covers (part 1)

Reading: Shadow Kin by MJ Scott
Watching: Primeval
Listening to: How We Do by Rita Ora

I love me a good cover!  So I’m excited to be showing off the covers for Desire’s new The Highest Bidder continuity 🙂  Here’s the first three:

Maureen Child – Gilded Secrets (July)
When scandal threatens the luxury auction house that bears his family’s name, Vance Waverly suspects the media feeding frenzy is an inside job. Could his gorgeous assistant, Charlotte Potter, be plotting Waverly’s downfall? There’s one way to find out: seduce the truth out of her!

Charlie is between a rock and a hard place. She can reveal Waverly’s secrets to her unidentified blackmailer or lose custody of her child. Whatever she does, she’ll lose the career she loves. But losing the man she’s come to love–her big, bad boss–could put her over the edge….

Read an excerpt  |  check out Maureen’s website

Charlene Sands – Exquisite Acquisitions (August)
For Macy Tarlington, the only good part of seeing her legendary mother’s possessions sold at auction is ogling Carter McCay, the tall Texan who buys the famous diamond ring. Even better is seeing him again when he rescues her from the paparazzi like a white knight in a Stetson.

Carter whisks her to safety at Wild River Ranch, hiding her identity by day and lusting after her by night. Yes, he’s sworn off love. But with the Hollywood runaway starring in his every fantasy, Carter may find Macy too much temptation–even for a hard-hearted cowboy.

Read an excerpt  |  check out Charlene’s website

Yvonne Lindsay – A Silken Seduction (September)
London-based artist Avery Cullen refuses to sell her late father’s art collection. But bold, brash Marcus Price will try everything to get her to reconsider. He even launches an all-out sexual siege on the lonely heiress in the gilded cage.

Securing the collection would be a coup for his auction house, but for Marcus, it would settle a lifelong score. He’s managed to keep his true motives hidden along with his family’s skeletons…and now he’s so close, he can taste success in Avery’s kiss. But after their torrid night of passion, is Marcus prepared for the outcome?
check out Yvonne’s website

Stay tuned for the rest of the series (including mine!) in the next few weeks.

May news

Reading: Second Grave on the Left by Darynda Jones
Listening to: What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction
Watching:  Simpsons Movie

Hi everyone!  Some fabulous news to share with you all this week.  First, the news that Harlequin Australia are reprinting the fabbo Diamonds Down Under!  Squeee!  I loved this series and loved being a part of something with my fellow Aussie and Kiwi friends.  Book one (featuring Bronwyn Jameson, Tessa Radley and Maxine Sullivan) is out this month, and book two (with Jan Colley, moi and Yvonne Lindsay) is out in June, coincidentally my birthday month 😀 Happy birthday to me!  Aren’t the covers gorgeous?  If you missed the series the first time around, you can read all about it at our Diamonds Down Under website (and blog).

The Australian Romance Readers Association is hosting a massive book signing at the QT Hotel, Surfers Paradise on 17 August from 4.30 pm to 6.00 pm.  With over 60 authors attending, it’s your chance to meet your favourite.  To register or for more info, check out the ARRA website.

I’m very excited to see Desire’s newest series, The Highest Bidder coming to fruition.  This six-book series is set in the world of a famous auction house and revolves around movies stars, scandal and intrigue of the rich and famous.  The line up is:

  • Gilded Secrets by Maureen Child  (you can see the cover here)
  • Exquisite Acquisitions by Charlene Sands
  • A Silken Seduction by Yvonne Lindsay
  • A Precious Inheritance by Paula Roe
  • The Rogue’s Fortune by Cat Schield
  • Golden Betrayals by Barbara Dunlop

And bonus, some of the books will contain an extra mini story!

Lastly, some more cool covers to show off – the French Kindle bundle, which includes my Billionaires and Babies book, Billionaire Baby Bombshell,  and the German translation of Promoted to Wife? For more cover goodness, you can check out my website.