The One Where I Had a Bit of a Problem…

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Gilles Marini as Marco CorelliSo after I handed in my latest book (AJ and Matt’s story for those of you following at home), I dove straight into my next one, the one I’d dubbed ‘Hot Marco’.  Marco Corelli is cousin to my hero in Bed of Lies and made a brief appearance in that book.  And as soon as he did, I knew I had to give him his own story. The visual for Marco was immediately obvious to me – Gilles Marini (right), who you may have seen in Brothers & Sisters and Sex & The City.  So with him in mind, I wrote a synopsis and began to write the story.

And then something went wrong.

I’ve been reading a lot of fan fiction and Twitter role playing accounts and as I got drawn into these varied characters and scenarios, suddenly, Marco was not Gilles anymore.  He was… someone completely different.  I saw Marco as a bit of a womaniser, a guy with commitment problems, a guy who’s pretty much in it for the good time. And yes, a guy with some complicated emotional issues.  But also he is an incredibly fierce friend, a guy who outwardly, is tough as nails but inside is a vulnerable guy who’s deathly afraid of showing weakness.  aidan turner as marcoThis was not Gilles Marini.  It was… Aidan Turner.  Aidan Turner the vampire from Being Human.  Aidan Turner from The Hobbit.  Aidan Turner with all his crazy emotional issues, his struggles, his casual regard for relationships.

aidan turner as marco3It’s amazing what the change of visual can do for your story.  Aidan became Marco in all his charming, swaggering, damaged glory.  I loved how he’s just taking over the story, running with his role and shaking up my heroine’s life.

To give you a bit of a teaser, this story is about best friends turned lovers, a sudden pregnancy and decades-old secrets suddenly uncovered.  It’s set in Queensland, Australia, one of my favorite places, on a fictional tropical island that just happens to be owned by Marco.  Lots of emotional sparks fly between my hero and heroine as they battle to overcome their own relationship problems to get their happy ever after!


Fan Girl Friday – Antici-pation by Yvonne Lindsay

yvonne 9Ha, every time I hear that I have a visual image of that scene in The Rocky Horror Picture Show between Tim Curry as Dr. Frank-N-Furter and Susan Sarandon as Janet Weiss, where Dr. Frank-N-Furter strings out “anticipation” in the perfect illustration of the term.

I love looking forward to things. I think the anticipation of an event or something special is often so much better than the actual occasion. Maybe it’s because I look forward to things so much, I set myself up for disappointment sometimes but overall for me, the journey is way more fun than actually arriving at the destination.

Take Christmas as a child, for example. The whole ritual of going to the tree farm, choosing a tree (thankfully we didn’t suffer any major allergies beyond a touch of hayfever in those days,) driving home and setting it up, the lounge room being redolent with the scent of pine. Mmmm, I can smell it even now. Then there would be the careful decorating of said tree, the anticipation of Christmas Even when miraculously unmarked gifts would appear beneath it. I’d usually wake at some obscenely early hour, gather my pillow and my bedspread and traipse up the hall to the sitting room and lie in front of the tree on the floor, eyeing up all the parcels. I still remember the year when I got there and the parcels were in neat stacks, which certainly didn’t appeal to my visual expectation of what beneath a Christmas tree should look like and I scattered them everywhere because clearly Santa hadn’t had the time. I just couldn’t understand why my mother was so put out and had to squeeze and examine each individual parcel carefully before handing it out to its intended recipient! I don’t even remember what gifts we received that year because for me, it was the looking forward to things that was the most important.

ONE SECRET NIGHT official jpgIn my experience, the only time I enjoy the event more than the anticipation of it, is when one of my new books comes out and I’m so excited to have my third The Master Vintners book out this month in both New Zealand and Australian market as well as in the North American market. ONE SECRET NIGHT gives readers the story of what happens when Mr Uptight and Totally In Control crosses paths with Ms Free Spirit and Here Today, Gone Tomorrow. Ethan Masters and Isobel Fyfe’s story gave me so many challenges, not surprising really, given how different they are as people. Readers also get to see a little bit more of Tamsyn Masters, Ethan’s sister, whose book I’m writing at the moment (due out December 2013.)

One Secret Night Australia-NZ

So what about you? Are you like me, and relish the anticipation of things, or are you more of an in the moment kind of person? Leave a comment and go into a draw for one lucky winner to choose their choice of book from my back list (stock permitting.)

It took many years and many jobs before USA Today Bestselling author Yvonne Lindsay realised what she really wanted to be when she grew up—a romance author. Once she figured that out, it took 13 years of false starts, rejections, encouragement, and yet more rejections to achieve that goal. Since her first sale in 2005 to Harlequin Desire (then Silhouette Desire) she has contracted 25 titles with her publisher. Yvonne is thrilled to be living the life she always dreamed of and bringing her stories to her readers and can be contacted through her “contact me” page on her website.   You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.

Shiny new book!

moonlit encounters FINAL book pageIt’s here, it’s here!  FINALLY, after months of hard work, I can announce my first foray into novella writing AND indie publishing.  Moonlit Encounters is a collection of eight sweet romantic novellas and is available via our new writing venture, TWC Press. (and yep, that website AND the cover are my designs :grin:)  I am just so damn proud of my fellow authors and so thrilled we get to see this anthology out on the shelves.

My story, Damsel In This Dress, is a fish out of water story, and features Annie Ellis, a Christmas phobic New Yorker who ends up jilted and penniless in the middle of Aussie Yulefest.  Enter Noah Greene, a fancy-dress wearing alpha Aussie hero.  Noah and Annie were so much fun to write and I especially loved the chance to write Annie’s story in her viewpoint.

I’m talking about the book at the Desire blog, plus ARRA have kindly let us have a slot on their Release Day announcement schedule.  Drop by and you could win a copy.  Or you can snap it up for just 99c, which is a total bargain, considering the entire book is over 96K!!

The Highest Bidder continuity covers – part 2

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Finally I can show off the rest of these gorgeous covers!  For part 1 go here.

Paula Roe – A Precious Inheritance (October)

He won the auction…
Vanessa Partridge has a good reason for wanting the manuscript offered at auction – it is her twin babies’ legacy. But she doesn’t count on the winning bidder, financial guru Chase Harrington, showing up on her doorstep.
Now he wants the woman…
Chase has a new obsession – Vanessa. There’s more to the former-socialite-turned-working-single-mom than meets the eye… and he’s going to find it. He’s got secrets of his own – secrets threatened by the sexy Vanessa. More than anything, Chase wants to give in to their sizzling attraction… but can he afford to play with fire?

Cat Schield  – The Rogue’s Fortune (November)

Elizabeth Minerva tries to steer clear of legendary adventurer Roark Black and focus on her career and her attempts at motherhood. But the rakish treasure hunter can help her in her quest to be a single mom, if she’ll do him one tiny favor….

To save his beloved auction house and his own reputation from ruin, Roark needs to settle down fast—with a sensible woman. After a six-month “engagement,” he and Elizabeth can go their separate ways.

But Roark knows priceless objects, and Elizabeth is the real deal. Now he intends to keep her…by any means necessary!

read an excerpt  |  check out Cat’s website

Barbara Dunlop – A Golden Betrayal (December)

Nothing will stop him…
In his Arabian kingdom, Crown Prince Raif Khouri commands, and women do his will…but then he meets headstrong American Ann Richardson. To get back the priceless statue he’s convinced her minions stole, Raif kidnaps her!Held captive by the sexy prince and mired in scandal at her auction house, Ann has her hands full. How can she convince Raif she’s innocent…and convince her traitorous body to resist his sultry kisses?But after one night with the woman his duty will never let him have, it’s Raif who realizes the high price of ransom – his heart!

check out Barbara’s website

May news

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Hi everyone!  Some fabulous news to share with you all this week.  First, the news that Harlequin Australia are reprinting the fabbo Diamonds Down Under!  Squeee!  I loved this series and loved being a part of something with my fellow Aussie and Kiwi friends.  Book one (featuring Bronwyn Jameson, Tessa Radley and Maxine Sullivan) is out this month, and book two (with Jan Colley, moi and Yvonne Lindsay) is out in June, coincidentally my birthday month 😀 Happy birthday to me!  Aren’t the covers gorgeous?  If you missed the series the first time around, you can read all about it at our Diamonds Down Under website (and blog).

The Australian Romance Readers Association is hosting a massive book signing at the QT Hotel, Surfers Paradise on 17 August from 4.30 pm to 6.00 pm.  With over 60 authors attending, it’s your chance to meet your favourite.  To register or for more info, check out the ARRA website.

I’m very excited to see Desire’s newest series, The Highest Bidder coming to fruition.  This six-book series is set in the world of a famous auction house and revolves around movies stars, scandal and intrigue of the rich and famous.  The line up is:

  • Gilded Secrets by Maureen Child  (you can see the cover here)
  • Exquisite Acquisitions by Charlene Sands
  • A Silken Seduction by Yvonne Lindsay
  • A Precious Inheritance by Paula Roe
  • The Rogue’s Fortune by Cat Schield
  • Golden Betrayals by Barbara Dunlop

And bonus, some of the books will contain an extra mini story!

Lastly, some more cool covers to show off – the French Kindle bundle, which includes my Billionaires and Babies book, Billionaire Baby Bombshell,  and the German translation of Promoted to Wife? For more cover goodness, you can check out my website.

exciting stuff for February

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So it’s been a while, right?  How are you all?  I’ve just crawled out of the deadline cave (book # 7 is off into cyberspace) so it’s time to surface and let you guys know what I’ve been doing.

Whenever I finish a book, I always end up learning something, be it a writing process, a better way of plotting and/or organizing my time more efficiently, or just a different way of writing.  For this book, I learned:

  • I can write through the Christmas holiday period (not that I wanted to, but I did)
  • Writing at night, in bed, when everyone is asleep and can’t interrupt with dumb questions, dinner choices or “can I have a lolly?” is FAB
  • A looming deadline will always make me finish the book, even through the horror that is the public library (think screaming kids, curious onlookers and noisy browsers and you’re nearly there)
  • I can write 10,000 words in a week (not that I wanted to, but I did)
  • I will not wither away and die if I don’t watch the latest episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, CSI, Private Practice or House

I also learned a very interesting writing technique — getting my characters from mistrust to trust.  See, in this last book my hero and heroine are two complete strangers and have an intense distrust of each other at the start of the story.  So how to go about showing that gradual change to total trust (then, obviously, love) by the end?  It’s something I’d struggled with so I wrote an article about it because that’s how I roll 🙂  I’ll post it as soon as I finish.

If you don’t follow me on Twitter or like me on Facebook (and you should because I talk A LOT so you might miss something important), Promoted to Wife? (aka Zac and Emily’s story) has been nominated for Favourite Short Category Romance of 2011 in the Australian Romance Readers Association’s awards!  Yay! (insert happy Snoopy dancing here – oh, hang on….>>>>>)  Thank you everyone who voted.  So very thrilled to be up there with some of my most favourite people 🙂  Oh, and ARRA also asked me to be their guest speaker on the night 😎  It’s  11th February in Sydney if you want to come along for a fab time – wear lots of bling!

Another event this month is my talk/workshop at Burwood Library, NSW on the 18th February (12.30-1.30pm).  I’ll be talking about the nuts and bolts of writing romantic fiction, plus there’ll be some giveaways.  This is a free event but bookings are preferred.  Call the library on (02)  9911 9999 or email them.

In other exciting news, Bed of Lies is on the shelves this month (March for Australia) – gorgeous cover, right?  Make sure you rush out and buy it.  😀  Here’s the blurb:

Her Darkest Secret… Revealed
Banker Luke De Rossi must sell the Australian beach house he inherited from his mobster uncle, fast. But then he runs up against Beth Jones. Is she the rightful tenant? A reporter out for a scoop? His uncle’s lover? Luke wants answers – almost as much as he wants Beth.

The last thing Beth needs is this hunky magnet for media attention breathing down her neck. She has a lot to hide. And falling hard for Luke as he gets closer – and tries to evict her! – isn’t helping things. Separately, they have each made their bed. Now they’ll lie in it… together.

Great start to next year!

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Some wonderful things have been happening here in my world.  First, I was asked to join the exciting new Desire six-book continuity series, The Highest Bidder.  Set in the world of the rich and famous, with  a venerable auction house as the backdrop, the series includes scandals, movie stars and lots of secrets.  I’m currently knee-deep in my story, aiming to have it to my editor by end of January (yeah, over Christmas and New Year!)  Mine will be book 4, due out in October 2012 and I’m thrilled to be working with Desire doyens Barbara Dunlop, Charlene Sands and Maureen Child, newcomer Cat Schield and my favorite gorgeous Kiwi, Yvonne Lindsay 🙂

Another fabulous happening for me, this time closer to home.  The Australian Romance Readers Association have asked *me* to be their awards dinner guest speaker!  So very thrilled and humbled and I will definitely try to entertain you all (warning: there will be photos!).  It’s a night where we celebrate the ARRA members’ favourite romance books of 2011 and I’d love to see you all there on the night – 11 February 2012 at Cello’s Restaurant, The Castlereagh Hotel, Sydney.  For more info and bookings, go here. (If you’re an ARRA member, don’t forget to vote for your favourite!)

As part of 2012’s National Year of Reading, I’ll be speaking at Burwood Library (18 February) and Strathfield Library (2 June), talking about writing popular fiction, writing romance, my journey to publication, and giving away an assortment of goodies.  More details on my website when I have them.

international covers

I’ve been receiving a steady flow of international translations in my post box.  It’s wonderful to see those covers and the (sometimes odd) titles in other languages 🙂  I think my favorite has to be the French version of The Magnate’s Baby Promise (translated to “The Promise of an Evening”)…  so elegant, so romantic – ooh la la!

I also love the revamped UK covers.  It doesn’t show here but they have that wonderfully smooth matt-finish cover.  Oh, okay, you CAN see for yourself – I’ll give away a copy!  Post a comment and I’ll pick a random winner.

Cover love

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So I finally got my new cover for my outback Billionaires and Babies book.  Ain’t it gorgeous?  For those of you interested in behind-the-scenes inner workings of Harlequin, Harlequin/Silhouette authors have access to an online program that’s used to make the covers.  In that data we supply info on physical descriptions of our main characters (eye color, hair, style, ethnicity etc), setting and tone/mood (bad boy hero?  pregnant heroine?  MOC?).  We also offer three scene suggestions for the cover art and any links or pictures that would best describe that, a short 1p synopsis and story themes.   It’s about eight screens to click through, so it’s pretty comprehensive.

However, most of my suggestions for this book were the traditional sexy couple-clinch (a la’ Boardrooms & A Billionaire Heir),  and the B&B series feature… yeah, babies 😀   So that’s what we have, along with a gorgeous view of the outback on the back (which you can’t see here).   And Alex looks suspiciously like Ben Affleck, which isn’t too shabby 😀

To celebrate the three outback B&B series, Maxine Sullivan, Robyn Grady and myself have launched a dedicated site/blog to them.  It’s always fun to get together with my fellow Aussie writers and celebrate all things Australian – drop by and check it out!

Sojourn to Surfers


the pristine Broadbeach sand

For many of you Aussie natives, Queensland’s Gold Coast is a popular summer holiday destination.  As a kid, I remember taking the 1 hour flight nearly every year – we even celebrated Christmas there once, at the wonderfully retro Pink Poodle motel 🙂

With Seaworld and Movieworld, pristine beaches and glorious summer weather in mid-October, it truly is the perfect budget getaway.  So off me and my boy went, spending 6 days at Broadbeach, just south of Surfers Paradise.  We shopped at Pacific Fair, we built sandcastles (well, I built a sand-mermaid that garnered attention and photos from visiting Japanese tourists!) and of course, we frequented the theme parks.  Mister 9yo won a massive plush Nemo in the first five minutes at Dreamworld, we flew in a helicopter at Seaworld and we mucked about on the rides and water attractions at Movieworld.

PA170050 small

the residents at Seaworld

We also got a tour of the Broadbeach police station because, well, we’d never been in one before.  Constable Nick was lovely, showing us the office, the place where they hold the bad guys and out the back where they have the paddy wagons and the cool beach buggy patrol car thingys (which you need a special licence for, apparently).  Here’s some happy snaps for you all to enjoy.

I also did some heavy thinking about my next book, which will be – yes! – Zac’s story.  I alluded to this runaway black sheep of the powerful Prescott family in The Magnate’s Baby Promise and after some very pleasant research of the Gold Coast and Currumbin, I’m excited to be getting his story out of my head and down on paper.  It will be an office/secret mistress romance, with lots of juicy conflict and emotional baggage for him and Emily 😀  Cal and Ava will make an appearance too, and finally get their gorgeous wedding in Jindalee.